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3 Big Reasons to Book Your Yearly Eye Exam

AdobeStock 195023420 ocular healthWe all know how easy it is to kick the can down the road when life gets busy, and regular eye exams are often one of those cans. However, keeping up with regular check-ups is essential for your eye health and overall well-being. Even if you feel like your eyes are working well, there could be underlying problems that only an eye exam can detect.

#1 Long-term Eye Health

When was your last visit to the eye doctor? At Manhattan Vision Associates in New York City, we want to emphasize the importance of regular eye exams. If you haven't visited your eye doctor in the past year, please give us a call today and schedule an appointment.

Beyond prescription updates, eye exams play a vital role in identifying early signs of eye diseases. By detecting these conditions at their onset, we can provide timely and suitable treatments, contributing to the long-term health and well-being of your eyes. Your eyes deserve the utmost care, and we are here to ensure they remain healthier for longer!

#2 Early Detection of Ocular Issues and Eye Diseases

While many ocular issues may present noticeable symptoms, there are also serious visual problems that can remain “silent.” Glaucoma is a prime example of a condition that can be severe without presenting any apparent signs. The good news is that regular check-ups with your eye doctor provide an opportunity to detect potential issues at an early stage when they are more manageable and treatable.

By prioritizing these routine examinations, you empower us to identify any underlying problems, ensuring timely intervention and effective management of your eye health. Don't underestimate the importance of regular check-ups in preserving your vision and overall well-being.

#3: Benefit from New Treatment Options

We are excited to announce the addition of a new and innovative dry eye treatment now available at our practice. The Systane I-Lux-2 dry eye and meibomian gland disease (MGB) treatment is a simple and effective option that provides relief for those suffering from dry eye disease and symptoms.

Meibomian glands are tiny structures near the eyelids' edge that produce oil to lubricate the eyes, and inflamed Meibomian glands are often the root cause of dry eye symptoms. The I-Lux-2 system by Alcon works by gently warming and massaging these glands, which helps to clear blockages and improve oil flow.

The treatment is comfortable, safe, and takes only a few minutes. We encourage you to take advantage of this remarkable new treatment and experience the benefits for yourself.

Are You Ready for Your Yearly Eye Exam?

We know life gets busy, but remember to prioritize your eye health. We offer comprehensive and innovative treatment options to keep your eyes healthy and functioning optimally.

Schedule an appointment with Manhattan Vision Associates in New York City today and experience the benefits of our exceptional care. A friendly member of our team is standing by to assist.