Our Mission

Our mission at Manhattan Vision Associates is to provide our patients with the best eye care in a friendly environment.

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

At Manhattan Vision, we conduct comprehensive eye exams using the most advanced technology available and provide high quality evaluation and treatment.

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Frames and Contact Lenses

Our doctors specialize in multifocal, monovision, astigmatism, keratoconus, “hard to fit” patients, and CRT. Our in-house optical lab offers a large selection of designer frames.

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State of the Art Diagnostics

We use state-of-the-art diagnostics to aid in the detection and management of ocular conditions such as dry eye, cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

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Great Eyewear and Eye Care in New York, NY

Manhattan Vision Associates serves patients from New York City – schedule an appointment today. If you have a moment, please give us your feedback about our site and your experiences with our Practice.

What Clients Say

As someone who has had glasses/contacts all their life, I can say Dr. Li is the best optometrist I’ve had. He takes time to explain test results, the appointment was efficient but not rushed, and he personally responds to emails promptly.

- Emin I.

Love this place. Staff is nice, professional, and thoughtful, from the front desk back to the doctors. Also, unlike 99% of eye docs, these guys don’t hold your prescription (or details of it) ransom so you can order your glasses and contacts from anyone (from them, online, anything. Also, they have the most extensive eye exams I’ve seen.

- Sara G.

Super efficient – have all eye equipment lined up in a row so just need to scoot over to finish all the tests with the technician. The front desk understands insurance policies and coordination very well. In and out in 20 minutes. Free wifi.

- Evelyn L.

Love this place. Needed a last minute replacement contact lens when I was on vacation in NY. My buddy took me to her optometrist. Dr. James Li was hands down one of the most attentive and accommodating professionals I have ever met.

Totally helped me out. You da man James! I wish there was a clone of him and Manhattan Vision Associates out here on the West Coast!

- Jay W.

Really feel confident in the care at Manhattan Vision Associates. Dr. Lori Rothman is wonderful. So thorough and excellent at explaining things. When a test revealed the potential for me to develop glaucoma she re-ran the test to confirm the results (have to love her accuracy!) and then took the time to explain my situation in detail. She showed me images of my eyes, pointed out the areas of concern, discussed potential treatments, and left me feeling confident in her care. Additionally, I like how efficient and thorough they are with their tests. They read the prescription from my old glasses so quickly I didn’t even know they’d done it. I only came to find out when the doctor commented that she thought one of my eyes was slightly over-corrected with my current prescription. All in all I highly recommend Dr. Rothman and Manhattan Vision Associates.

- Betty B.

Comprehensive Examinations Using Advanced Eye Care Technology